What is Past Life Regression Hypnosis? How is it Beneficial?

Have you ever been drawn to someone or somewhere and questioned why?

 Have you ever tried to resolve a problem only to discover that it persists?

 Have you noticed patterns in your life that don’t change?

 Have you ever questioned your previous existence?

 Do you feel like you belong in another time or place or maybe find yourself drawn to another era via music and clothing?

 Have you met someone you feel like you’ve known forever?

 Past lives may be impacting your present and future.

 Fortunately, hypnosis can be the solution.

Are Past Life Regressions Real?

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I originally trained with NATH – National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists. My initial training included past life regression. I thought this was a lovely way to create a story in another time to solve a current problem. I’m not able to visualize because my mind’s eye has no pictures, so I would sense and perceive what happened as I navigated other lifetimes. 

There was a person in my life who refused to talk to me and wouldn’t tell anyone why. She’s a relative and this went on for three years. I decided to follow the energy back in time to the exact time when we created this situation. That session changed my mind. After I was done, I no longer thought this was a story, I understood I had been in another timeline, past life, or place.

When I stepped into this past life, I had a visual channel. I could see the cobblestones underneath my feet, hear the clickety-clack of my wooden sandals, recognize I lived in the male body of a Chinese man, and walk with my apprentice. As the story unfolded, I became aware of how we had created a situation to repeat.

The awareness changed everything! Not only for me but for my relatives.

My relative called me within three days of that session and said she was coming to visit. We had a great time together and that ‘energetic THING’ between us dissolved. 

This one experience has never happened in any other of my personal past life regressions yet that session changed how I think, and how I feel, and opened my mind to a bigger picture of who, what, when, where, and how everything is connected.

Brian Weiss, MD made past life regression famous in his book Many Lives, Many Masters. 

I personally believe that the ‘perfect client’ showed up for Dr. Weiss so he could bring this modality into the light. His client went into hypnosis quickly and easily. She was extremely visual and could see everything surrounding her. Because of that, he was able to delve into the realm of past life experiences. His book brought past life regressions mainstream.

Not everyone gets information as quickly and easily as Dr. Weiss’s patient. Yet, most people can receive information in the way that they receive information.

Are you ready to take the emotional charge out of your past to change your current situation?

What are the benefits of past life regression therapy sessions?

  • By revisiting past life experiences, you may find emotional relief from unresolved issues that affect your current life.
  • Past life regression hypnosis sessions with a certified consulting hypnosis can provide insights into relationships, revealing past connections with people in one’s current life, which may help understand and improve these relationships.
  • Exploring past lives can lead to a greater understanding of one’s journey, contributing to self-awareness and spiritual growth.
  • Understanding the origins of certain unexplained fears or phobias in a past life can help in addressing and overcoming them. 
  • Discovering patterns and themes from past lives may guide individuals in finding new, better patterns to help facilitate the creation of their current lives.
  • The process can offer a form of relaxation and mental relief, which helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Past Life Regression can provide an opportunity to delve into the mystical aspects of existence and explore spiritual beliefs deeply and personally.

 As a certified hypnotist, I have encountered clients with phobias and peccadilloes that make no sense in this lifetime until they understood why they couldn’t wear necklaces or shirts with tight collars. They had been hung and were holding onto the sensations.

Another person couldn’t light a fire because she was burnt. Hungry wolves had attacked a man who feared forests. One client pulled a knife out of her side when I told her to instead of dying with the knife inside her and her childhood pain went away.

These are dramatic regressions. Most people go into situations where they gleam a nanosecond of understanding which changes everything. There is nothing dramatic or life-threatening. And, they get to experience having tea, or living in a hut, or working in a field. 

Sometimes clients come back without getting the information they expected. When you expect the session to make sense, you will be disappointed! These sessions are for people who are curious and open to possibilities they never considered. 

Why Should I consider a past life regression session?

 Clients come for a variety of reasons. Some have problems that they have never been able to change. 

 Some are curious. Being interested in what the universe has to offer is a great reason to go on a journey of self-discovery.

 Many have a gut feeling that this might help them.

 And, I’ve seen people pop into a past life when I’ve asked them to go back to the first time they had the “feeling or sensation”. That never fails to amaze me when that happens.

Here are a few ways that the past life regression could affect you:

It might resemble looking at an old photograph with grainy images, or it might resemble seeing a movie with a cast of people you know.

It could also be a knowing or a sense that you are in a certain year, or time, or participating in an event.

Everyone does it differently. Each of us is unique.

Not everyone is a candidate for past life regression. Some people have current life trauma they have to deal with before they can do anything else.

When we are done with the session, we leave the past in the past. We let go of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions in that lifetime (as we have already experienced them and don’t need a do-over) and we bring the knowledge and understanding from that previous life into the present.

Past life regression therapy is frequently used to help people gain insight into unresolved problems, phobias, or recurring trends and patterns in their current lives that may be related to past life experiences. 

It is thought that personal development can take place through comprehending and processing these memories from previous lives. 

I’m ready when you are ready.

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