Elephant In The Room

Elephants stampede because they want to be herd. Hypnosis helps you get heard!

Everything changes when you introduce the Elephant in the room.

My name is Donna Brown, and I love talking about the elephant in the room.

If your favorite game is squash…

If you remember every terrible thing that has happened in your life and you are constantly trumpeting your story…

If you work for peanuts…

you may want to join the herd of clients who use hypnosis.

What do humans have in common with elephants?

Some of us have thick skins which negate those buried emotions.

Others are afraid of bees.

And, like the pachyderm, scores of people eat constantly.

Hypnosis may work for you, but it won’t necessarily work for a mastodon.

One of their special gifts is the ability to recognize themselves in the mirror.

Do you recognize who you really are when you look in the mirror?

Are you allowed to stomp and splash and shine?

Do you recognize the strength you have because of what you’ve been through?

Can you acknowledge that being unique is special?

Are you okay with the way you look?

Hypnosis is a tool that helps you become aware of why you do what you do. Once you acknowledge what you are doing, you can change.

Are you ready to stop lying to yourself about what you can’t do and step into what is truly possible? 

I am open in-person in Houston and world-wide anywhere via zoom: 

Donna Brown Hypnosis
3880 Greenhouse Road, #306
Houston, TX (near Katy/Cypress)
You and schedule here.
Or call / text 915-549-1755.   

 Elephants stop charging when you take away their credit cards. What if hypnosis could help you stop charging?

Luv you a ton!


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