Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Houston

Would you like to be free of the burden of dieting?  Free to eat when you are hungry and stop when full?  Hypnosis can help you regain your freedom.

"He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.”
Lao Tzu

Weight Release

Is there a quick and easy way to manage weight?  Yes and no.  You didn’t gain weight overnight and you aren’t going to lose it overnight.  If you are thinking of doing something drastic, like surgery, you may want to give hypnosis a try first.  For one thing, it’s cheaper.  For another, if you have had the surgery and are still struggling with overeating, call me.

Lose those extra pounds?  Stop the yo-yo dieting?  There are four simple agreements your conscious mind needs to make with your subconscious so that you are free to enjoy your food.

  • Eat when you're hungry.
  • Listen to your body and eat what you crave.
  • Stop when you're full.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful.

Hypnosis will allow you to figure out why you overeat, replace the comfort of food with something even healthier, and get you on the road to wellness.  You might even begin to enjoy those foods that are good for you.

Don’t become blind to the possibility of being slim, trim and healthy.  See for yourself what a series of hypnotic sessions can do for you!

Is exercise a problem?  Would you rather starve than run?  You can increase your metabolism with hypnosis.  You can!


“The past has no power to stop you
from being present now.
Only your grievance about
the past can do that.
What is grievance?
The baggage of old
thought and emotion.”
Lao Tzu

 So, How Can I Help You?

This behavior modification program, sometimes called hypnosis, speaks directly to your subconscious mind to help create healthy behaviors and positive thinking. Because you are in such a relaxed state during hypnosis, you become more receptive to the positive suggestions for healthy change such as:

  • Stop eating when full
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Healthier eating habits
  • Eliminating unhealthy foods
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Feel better about yourself

Changing your attitude about food will help you create a lasting change. You will not need to diet because your unhealthy behaviors will diminish.

Call today --  915-549-1755 --  to end your obsession with weight loss. You can also schedule online here. Sessions are in person or via Skype.