The purpose of Access Consciousness is to create the world as a greater set of choices and a greater set of possibilities so that all of mankind can thrive. Find Access Bars, Facelift, Foundation classes here in Texas or host me at your location.

Access Individual Body Process Classes – There are numerous body process that you can use for yourself or add to your business. There are no pre-requisites. Body Classes are posted occasionally and upon request. Find my next class here.

Check out my YouTube Channel for Access Bars information, Access Clearings, and Access content that includes who, what, when, where, and how to use the Access clearing statement. 

Private Services include: Access Body Process Sessions, Access Bars Sessions, Access Facelift Sessions, Symphony of Possibilities Sessions or 1:1 clearing sessions. How much can you change by experiencing a private session? Call (915) 549-1755 or book a session here.

Access Bars Classes

The Access Bars® Practitioner Course teaches you the technique to use on yourself and others. You will be shown how to gently touch 32 points on the head that allows you to release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and considerations. There are no prerequisites and everyone is welcome. Classes are held monthly. Find the next class here.

Access Energetic Facelift®

This amazing energetic facelift process reverses the appearance of aging on the face. The process also creates similar effects through out your body. As a stand alone class, there are no prerequisites. Everyone is welcome. What would it take for you to decide to use these 26 amazing energies to soothe, renew and rejuvenate? Classes held monthly. Find your next class here.

Access Foundation With Donna

The Foundation is a three and one half day class you can choose after taking Access Bars. What if you could have the tools and support to create the life you’ve always known should be possible? Find the next scheduled class here.

Access Bars Gifting & Receiving

What else is possible? Everyone is welcome to attend Access Bars Gifting and Receiving, held on Friday evenings. Please sign up here. Doors open at 6:30 pm. If you’ve never experienced a session, you will be gifted a mini session. Cost is $25.00 and can be paid in cash or venmo and zelle at the door.

Facelift and Gifting & Receiving

Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your look. How can you and your body release the wrinkles in your life? Would you like the ability to face yourself in the mirror? Open to everyone for the low price of $25.00.  Facelift Trades will be listed here.