Hypnosis for Relationships in Houston

Hypnosis helps couples strengthen relationships, helps individuals get over past relationships, helps you have a better relationship with yourself, and even helps you figure out what type of relationship you really want to have.

Hypnosis Heals Broken Hearts

Feeling alone?
Have you been hurt by someone you love?

Do you meet people with different names yet they treat you exactly the same?

Have you beat down doors looking for love?
Are you trying to figure out how to make something work that hasn’t been working?
Ever notice what ‘type’ of person you pick?
The type of person who picks ‘you’?
Do you wonder why that happens?

What if I told you you don’t have to try to hard?

You don’t have to be alone.

That you can figure out why you do what you do and… you can retrieve that part of you that got lost or was crushed or stolen or lied to and abused.

Anywhere there is a pattern of behavior, you have an opportunity for change.

You can pick up all the missing pieces…

make sense of what happened…

and figure out a way to do things differently the next time.

Just because it’s always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it has to stay a certain way.

Relationship hypnosis allows you to change those patterns that are hard-wired deep within. Patterns that may have started during childhood. Together, we can figure out a different way of being, seeing, feeling, and doing.

Donna Brown Hypnosis

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