Dallas Hypnosis by Donna Brown

Dallas Hypnosis by Donna Brown

Teletherapy helps hypnosis clients stop smoking, lose weight, improve relationship patterns, let go of fear and stress via Skype or Zoom. We are also available for in person sessions and hypnosis allows you to let of of all sorts of things that are standing in the way of being the person you want to be.

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You can land where you want using hypnosis.

You can land where you want using hypnosis.


Dallas hypnosis with Donna Brown is not your typical hypnosis. Now offering a  variety of hypnotic and wellness modalities.  These techniques help individuals manage their emotions, behaviors, and fears, which allows each person to become successful in any area of their life.

Donna Brown is a NATH Certified Hypnotist, a Psych K® Facilitator, and NLP Practitioner. She is certified as an Access Consciousness Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, and a CF Facilitator. Other credentials include EFT Coach, Eye Movement Process Manager, Egyptian Energy Healer, and motivational teacher. Donna Brown uses a multitude of techniques to help you become THAT person.  The one you always wanted to be.

Hypnosis can be used for adults and teens in person or on-line and is a great tool to help you manage your relationship with yourself and with others.

Stop that anxious, stressed, out-of-control feeling with hypnosis.

Donna helps everyday people with everyday problems. If you want to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Relieve Stress and Anxiety or Manage Pain, call today or book your appointment

Located in Dallas, Texas, she travels through out the US.  Her specialty is Relationship problems.  Call 915-549-1755 today.

Hypnosis allows you to gain a better understanding about your past so you can perform differently in the present and future. And, it can be used to simply feel better.

I wonder if you will be surprised to discover…

…instead of using will power and discipline, you can bypass your conscious mind. You will access your sub-conscious and reprogram your mind to create long-lasting changes.  The changes you desire! 

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Dallas Hypnotist Hypnosis Donna Brown

You might be surprised to find that hypnosis was approved as an effective modality for treatment by the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION in 1958.



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