Does Hypnosis Help Even If You Struggle to Imagine Things?

You have heard that hypnosis is among the popular and effective techniques to solve problems. 

It can be relationship problems, concentration, stress, overthinking, past life regressions, and whatnot.  

And, yes – hypnosis is quite effective. People are turning to hypnosis for relationship problems, hypnosis for stress, etc.  

At the same time, hypnosis is about visualizing certain things, situations, results, and happenings that may help you solve your problem. 

So, recently one of my clients asked me what if I can’t visualize pictures in my head will I be able to do hypnosis and will it work for me?

The clear answer to this is: Yes if you have chosen the right hypnotist. 

What happens when you can’t be able to visualize pictures? 

Not everyone has the capacity to visualize pictures in their head. Many individuals are dealing with Aphantasia. To know more about what Aphantasia is, read here.  They don’t realize how different they are because the majority of them are born without the ability to visualize. 

So, the question many of them ask is how to Deal With Aphantasia in Hypnosis. 

Among the majority of individuals dealing with this problem, some individuals see black, some sense shapes, and others view flowing colors. They usually can’t actually see a crisp, clear picture in their imagination. They don’t see snapshots, black-and-white pictures, or movies when they close their eyes. 

This affects the way they learn and how they process information in a different way than visual learners. And, did you know visual learners are the highest percentage of the population?

The Impact of Aphantasia: The Inability to visualizat! 

I have Aphantasia and didn’t understand how different I was until adulthood. I gave my sister a book she didn’t finish reading. When I asked her why she told me she pictured the heroine as a lean, blue-eyed blonde who wore her hair up in a ponytail and ran to reduce the stress she experienced due to a bad relationship.    

My sister insisted that’s how the first chapter identified the protagonist – a blue-eyed blonde with a ponytail which ran to empty her mind of thoughts about her Ex. In a later chapter, the description made the character big-boned with large breasts. 

I didn’t understand why this stopped my sister from reading the rest of the book. The first chapter describes the leading lady running to forget. The later description gave me more information about the challenges she thought running would help her overcome.

I had to ask, “Why stop reading because she isn’t thin?”

My green-eyed, blonde hair sister who has a runner’s body huffed. “I pictured her a certain way and now, I have to start the book over to visualize her as a healthier, busty girl.”

I again went into confusion. “What do you mean you pictured her?”

She said, “You know how reading can be better than watching a movie. You get to see each person vividly acting out the scene as you want to see them. That’s why I don’t like to read a book before I see the movie. The characters never look like I’ve pictured them.”

That was the first time I realized she could see people acting out a script in her head.

In full technicolor!

Standing on a stage in her mind’s eye.

I had never, ever been able to do that!!!

I will fast-forward you to the time meditation became popular. That first time made me feel like an utter failure. I couldn’t visualize the mountain.

Yes, I know what a mountain looks like. And, I can imagine walking up a mountain because I’ve done that before. I know how to walk. 

I didn’t see what the other people in the room were describing. One participant noticed pine needles dripping with morning dew, another described the meandering path in amazing detail, and one lady couldn’t stop talking about the red robin she interacted with when our guide mentioned ‘a bird.’

The view in my mind’s eye was black. On occasion, colors would swirl but there were absolutely no pictures. 

At the time, I made myself wrong for being so different. Have you ever made yourself wrong for not doing something the way other people do things?

Stop! We are all different and our differences make us unique.

How the right hypnotist can assist you? 

Meditation works for me now that I know I have Aphantasia. A great script (I have many great hypnosis scripts) creates a feeling of reaching the top of the mountain successfully even when obstacles are in the way. In hypnosis, we work with your brain to create a situation where you make the change you desire. 

In 2001, I became certified in NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The NLP class taught me about different types of hypnosis.   

  • A visual person does great with a visual script.
  • A kinesthetic person needs a sensory type of hypnosis wording that works in their subconscious mind.
  • An auditory processor needs keywords inserted into their hypnosis session. This allows them to hear what they need to create the change.
  • A literal person will take the information in the hypnosis session literally.
  • Other people need ambiguity to figure out where they need to go. Sometimes literal individuals will go deeper when we use an ambiguous hypnotic script.

Direct suggestion hypnosis scripts work for young adults and about 5% of the population.  

Hypnotists do an intake with their clients to discover what works for them. 

Instead, they do a session and notice from the client’s body cues, what works and what doesn’t work. 

That’s what I do as well(curating personalized sessions) to help you make the most out of your hypnosis sessions.  

The Conclusion: Does Hypnosis for individuals dealing with Aphantasis work? 

Well, hypnosis may or not work for you, if you are dealing with Aphasntasia. It worked for me, but it depends. 

Everyone is different but your session should be tailored to you. 

When you are stuck or struggling or attracting the same type of situations into your life, those are great times to get a session. 

And, if you are thinking that you can’t be able to get the most out of these hypnosis sessions because you can’t visualize properly(or are dealing with Aphantasia) – then I as a certified Houston Hypnotist have got you covered. 

Donna Brown hypnosis curates highly personalized sessions as per your behavior, reactions, problems, etc to get the best results within just a few sessions.  

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