When Hypnosis Doesn’t Work?

During training, I learned that hypnosis works for everyday people with everyday problems. It is by far the most accurate way to describe the success of hypnosis on individuals. 

We recognize that people with below-average intelligence may not understand what we are asking them to do. Children can and do make changes. We talk to them in a language they understand. 

Here is an example:

Big brother sleeps through the night without wetting the bed and your friend Olivia does too.  I wonder how quickly you will sleep through the night without wetting the bed? This is something most small children can understand. Someone with limited intelligence won’t get that they too, can make a change.

Hypnosis Works When you Believe it Will! 

My instructor mentioned that hypnosis doesn’t work on people with a high level of intelligence. 

These people will quickly figure out where you are going and head you off before you get there. Highly intelligent people are not easily hypnotizable.

Yet, I have worked with highly intelligent people who believed in change, could visualize it and knew something different was possible. These are people who generally trust their intuition (most intellectual people only trust logic) and recognize how emotions aren’t always logical. Those individuals do well in hypnosis.

If you Don’t believe it, It Won’t Happen!

Then we have those people who believe hypnosis doesn’t work.

No one can make you believe what you don’t want to believe.

I’ve had people say, “I’m not hypnotizable.”

I agree with them. They aren’t hypnotizable because they already decided they aren’t.

Hypnotists can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.

The Last Category!

The last category is the person who has tried everything, yet nothing works. They will tell you they believe in you and that you can help.  

My response is, “No, I can’t.”

Why would I be any different than everyone else you have seen? You must believe deep down that you can make the change which has nothing to do with me.

I was told during my NLP training that this type of person won’t change.

I was informed during my hypnosis training not to take someone who tells me they’ve tried everything and I’m their last resort.

Hypnosis doesn’t work on the ones who don’t believe in miracles! 

Hypnotists can be miracle workers. Only… hypnosis services can’t work for people who don’t believe in miracles.

I didn’t listen to my instructors until I started taking Access Consciousness Classes. This modality talks about people running a subconscious pattern we call Fraud Patrol.

These individuals love their problems. They love to complain about it, talk about it, fester over it, and they like to make other people wrong. 

Hypnosis works on those who really want to get rid of the problem! 

One of the questions we ask people is what do you love about this problem? What are you getting out of this issue? In hypnosis services, we call the love of their issue a secondary gain.

One Example: My husband didn’t pay attention to me until I became ill. Now he cooks and cleans and listens to my every word. Why would this person get well? The secondary gain, I’m getting everything I’ve asked for, is bigger than the illness.

The last person I worked with who said, “No one has been able to help me, but I think you can,” made my life as a Hypnotist a nightmare. I felt totally responsible for fixing him. You can’t fix anyone but yourself. Hypnotists can lead you to the water, but they can’t make you drink.

With this client, I studied everything I could find, called professionals asked what techniques they would use, and tried every tool in my arsenal. I even gave him home play (go home and try this) which he refused to do. I worked harder at giving him change than he worked at making change.

You can be afraid of changing and still change.

You cannot want to do exactly what you have always done and expect change.

What I discovered is that this client had a problem that made him unique. (Who doesn’t love being unique?)

This client believed no one could understand him (which was why he incessantly talked about his issues).

The client isolated himself from others and couldn’t understand why he had no friends. When his family members stopped listening, he decided to hire a therapist, a hypnotist, a counselor, and a physician. What he wanted was full, undivided attention. 

Hypnosis is a different experience for different individuals! 

Hypnotists are not talk therapists. We want to make changes quickly so our clients feel and see the results.

That client was a great lesson for me.  I realized by playing the victim, he had victimized me.

Hypnosis services can help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, change unwanted behaviors, manage emotions, and step into innate skills, abilities, and capacities.

Most of us don’t know how to make a change yet deep down, we believe we can. You can do anything anyone else can. And, you might not be able to figure out how to do so without a little bit of help from another person.

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