How Does Hypnosis Stress Relief Works?

Stressful situations are inevitable.

Some people use stress to move forward while other people get stopped in their tracks.

When you can’t find a way to let go of thoughts, feelings, and emotions quickly and easily, you begin to move stress to your internal back burner. Pretty soon your pot begins to boil over and you can’t do anything.

Your back burner is your subconscious mind.

In hypnosis, your conscious mind and subconscious mind meet up and make changes.

When you change how you think and feel, you release stress and have the ability to use coping mechanisms that work.

When and how does stress cause problems?

Some people experience stress because they have too much work to do, while others experience stress from not having enough to do. 

Some people experience stress when they are in a situation where they have no control, while others experience stress when they must take charge of the operation.

Healthy stress gets us moving in the right direction. 

Unhealthy stress sets up the fight or flight.

Everyone experiences stress due to different situations, people, places, and things.

We can change the way you think and feel about your stressor which allows you to do something different. 

When do coping mechanisms hurt?

We overeat for comfort. Abuse drugs and alcohol to forget. Self-harm with nicotine and cutting. Lash out in frustration and anger. These are just a few unhealthy coping mechanisms that have an impact on our ability to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.  

Stress impacts our body and mind. It can lead to a flare-up of skin conditions like eczema and welting. It can lead to exhaustion, brain fog, and sadness. When our subconscious mind gets saturated with those things we didn’t deal with in the past, that makes it impossible to move forward. 

We may even find ourselves calling in sick and putting things off because we are too overwhelmed to get them done.

According to one research, 90% of illnesses are stress-related. 

Here’s the Good News!

Stress exposure is inevitable, but we can manage how much of an impact it has on us by learning how to take control of our thoughts and behaviors.

Hypnosis to relieve stress can be extremely powerful and effective.

You learn better-coping mechanisms, change patterns that no longer work, give up those things from your past that you don’t remember stuffing down, shut off the flight or fight, and train your brain to remain calm when chaos reigns.

Does Hypnosis to Relieve Stress Really Work?

During my personalized hypnosis sessions in Houston, I teach you techniques and we get to those subconscious beliefs that make you fearful, angry, or running towards the kitchen, bar, or nearest smoke shop. 

Deep relaxation hypnosis stress relief sessions get to the root of why you are doing those things you no longer want to do. 

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