What can a Certified Trapped Emotion Code Practitioner Do For You?

Are you ready to release Trapped Emotions Using the Emotion Code ®?

What, you ask, are trapped emotions?

The negative emotional energy that gets trapped inside us when we go through a difficult time and don’t have the resources to deal with the situation.

Here are some of the examples of why there are trapped emotions: 

  • A difficult birth.
  • Being spanked/beaten/shamed as a child.
    An accident.
  • That time you couldn’t answer the teacher’s question and everyone laughed.
  • Being a witness to a shocking event or situation.
  • Living through a shocking event or situation.
  • Someone broke your heart.
  • You have a memory that plays over and over in your head.
  • You have a long-time habit that you cannot change or resolve.
  • Have you found yourself acting like your father or mother even when you swore you would never act like them?

The list goes on because we’ve all had situations that we didn’t have the emotional resources to stop or change. Let’s keep scrolling to know what it is, why it happens, and how to be free of it.

Dealing with Trapped Emotions! 

As adults, we can have too much going on and don’t have the bandwidth to handle everything. When that happens, we put the emotions aside to deal with later.

Only… once they are stored in our subconscious mind, we tend to forget about them, even when they hinder our progress. 

Everyone has trapped emotions.

Every single one of us.

Trapped emotions are energetic and the size of your fist.
Trapped emotions can lodge anywhere in your body from your toe to your nose.
Trapped emotions become bigger when a similar vibration enters your auric field.
Trapped emotions prevent you from responding in a manner that can change how you think and feel.

The first releasing emotion was what I call The Nickel Debacle.

Between ages three and four, my father gave me a nickel in the front yard and told me I would get to buy candy later that day.

I loved that shiny coin.

The joy of holding onto money, which felt important to my parents, had me jumping up and down with joy. 

Unfortunately, I swallowed the coin.

I jumped up and down one too many times and sucked the nickel into my windpipe.

Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe.

My father held me upside down by my feet and pounded me on the back. (Obviously he didn’t know the Heimlich maneuver).

I continued to choke and turned red.

My mother rushed over, set me upright, and expelled the stuck object from my throat using force.

This vivid scene never went away no matter how much work I did on that one memory. Why? Because I had trapped emotions and had stored them in my subconscious mind.

What Happened After Releasing Trapped Emotions? 

Fast forward…

As I released the trapped emotions connected to the Nickel Debacle stored in my subconscious mind (I knew this had something to do with my money story), I realized that sweet, sensitive child thought her father purposely tried to kill her.

Say what?

Yep, I have always had an active imagination.

I never truly connected or trusted my father until I released these trapped emotions.

My mother saved me using force (imagine how that impacted my belief system).

I never experienced the joy of money until after releasing emotions that are trapped.

I have always had an aversion to coins.

These weren’t things I cognitively recognized yet they created a negative lasting impression.

What’s the Matter With You? 

What lasting impression do you have that you haven’t been able to unpack and let go of?

What strong emotional event have you replayed numerous times in your subconscious mind?

  • Maybe you are still angry at someone you haven’t seen in years?
  • Does going back to your hometown trigger you?
  • Have you overreacted when a minor situation came up? 
  • Are you feeling anxious over nothing?
  • Become easily upset?

These are indicators you have trapped emotions. I played with clearing the trapped emotions around this specific memory and my body no longer has a response to the story.

In fact, I decided to write this down because the story has no emotional attachment and has faded.

What else changed?

I used coins at a store the other day.

My love for what my father did for me in my lifetime is now evident.

There is joy with money and excitement about playing with the energy.

I have a body of freedom that I can’t put into words.

And, I’m free of that weird ‘thing’ I felt and could not define.

I love my emotional freedom.

Would you like some emotional freedom?

Would you like to experience an Emotion Code session with a Certified Trapped Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)? 

The beauty of this modality is that I as a certified hypnotist in Houston can help you connect to you without you sitting in the room. You can also be in the room or on Zoom while we work through your emotional baggage.

With me as your certified trapped emotion practitioner, the sessions are done within 30 minutes.

Whatever works for you as the client will also work for me as the life coach in Houston. You can find more information by purchasing
The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  

Are you ready to make a change? If yes, so am I. Let’s connect & relieve your emotional baggage off of you.

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