Hypnosis to Quit Smoking: A Hit or a Miss?

Stopping smoking can be a big challenge. You know that you want to do it, but nothing has worked. You might have tried everything from nicotine lozenges, chewing gum, patches, and even therapy. Every time you tried, that feeling of failure convinced you that nothing worked.

If you have had a similar journey, hypnosis to stop smoking might be the technique that finally gets you to quit. For over 10 years, I have been helping individuals who want to stop smoking.  

Here are some of the common I have heard from my clients who want to quit smoking: 

  • Maybe you recognize it’s time to quit.
  • Some people notice they would like to hike further, walk upstairs, or breathe easier. 
  • Many clients state they hate the smell of smoke on their clothing and in their vehicles.
  • Your doctor told you that you may need to quit because of an upcoming operation or medical condition.

When we can’t fix something with logic, our subconscious is involved. There are all sorts of reasons, justifications, and beliefs hidden away that hypnosis may be able to uncover. Once we get to that belief that sticks to us, we can change our minds to do something different.

What’s the best part?

Most people are able to do it within one or two sessions.

Keep reading to know more about why this therapy method of quitting smoking is helpful. 

Why hypnosis is the best way to quit smoking? 

Hypnosis is among the best ways to quit smoking because it allows you to get to the root of what is truly going on. Hypnosis can reframe subconscious thoughts, which is one of the reasons it can help.

The mind begins to prepare a response as soon as you experience the desire to smoke. You will experience stress, and stress restricts you from smoking – because your subconscious mind knows it is not good for you.

Over the last thirty years, thousands of Houston residents have benefited from full and permanent smoking cessation through hypnosis. 90% of them were able to stop smoking with just one hypnosis session! The remaining 10% required two to four quit-smoking hypnosis sessions to totally and permanently kick their smoking habit. 

Is the process of stopping smoking through hypnosis hard? 

As a certified hypnotist in Houston, I believe the ability to stop smoking shouldn’t be difficult. Instead, it should be simple and fun. That’s the approach I take with all clients.

The intake at the beginning of the session allows me to look at the individual client’s needs, unique smoking habits, and triggers. Then, I create a customized stop-smoking hypnosis session aimed at those specific needs. We focus on achieving a state of deep relaxation where your subconscious can be more open to positive changes, and suggestions, and where you, the individual, get to choose what direction you want to take for your future.

My sessions are designed to be engaging and interesting. This tailored, supportive method makes the process simpler and result-driven for my clients.

Will I Ever Start Smoking Again? 

Hypnosis is a technique that works with your subconscious mind to help you break the habit of smoking as well as the urge to smoke. However, I have personally seen a few cases where a person resumed smoking after successfully quitting through hypnosis.

One example is a lady who stopped smoking for three months. One night she played cards with her husband and friends. When she won, she threw the cards down, shouted out in victory, reached into the ashtray next to her where her friend’s cigarette was burning, and brought it to her mouth without a thought in her head. She was horrified once she took a puff and had to tell her friend she was sorry for snatching her cigarette.

This was one of those automatic responses, like driving home and not looking at the scenery. Her subconscious mind went into autopilot and her reaction was one that she had done numerous times in her life while playing cards. We had not talked about this behavior during the intake before going into hypnosis.

Her 2nd session with me helped her stop her smoking forever. This woman was one of my first stop-smoking clients and she has been smoke-free for twelve years. When you really desire to stop, we do what it takes to get you there.

Are there any side effects of hypnosis to quit smoking?

I have met so many of my clients who have misconceptions about hypnosis and sometimes believe that through this method of therapy, they will experience withdrawal symptoms or gain weight when they quit smoking through hypnosis

Some people also wonder if they’ll feel anxious. It may surprise you to learn that the majority of people who experience side effects from hypnosis find that they are all positive! They hardly ever have withdrawal symptoms, and they rarely put on weight. 

Some overweight people even find that they automatically lose weight. As they go about their daily activities, they usually find that they are calmer and more relaxed than they were before. You will be pleased to notice that you continue to feel better, with more enthusiasm and vitality.

Plus, there are so many health benefits of quitting smoking(that you might be aware of). To know more about these benefits, go through a blog from the American Cancer Society. 

I’m ready when you’re ready!

If you’re ready to quit smoking and embrace the change, then it’s time to take the next step. Schedule your free consultation with Donna Brown Hypnosis. I’m a certified hypnotist in Houston and together we’ll dive deep to understand the root causes of your smoking. Let’s get started on this journey towards a better and healthier you.

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