Dare to love yourself

Once upon a time there lived a Princess named “Yew” who thought love was a concept. Trouble, a dissatisfied witch, knew Yew’s attitude would allow her to spread darkness throughout the land. Now Yew must embark on a transformational journey to save her kingdom.

Armed with Bubble Brew, Dinkle Dust, Meat Renewal, D tabs, and a mysterious healing cream, Yew enters an underground world filled with hostile inhabitants. Making peace with Underlings isn’t so bad. Getting chased by hungry, angry trolls is frightening. Yew becomes discouraged when the Prince she’s engaged to doesn’t live up to her expectations. Can she love her way through all the hatred and fear?

Her mentor prompts her to look inside herself to find what she seeks. As you journey with Yew, discover simple exercises that can change your life and the lives around you. This allegory provides tools both of you can use!