Lady Cathrine Brandon’s Leap Day Adventure.

(Coming Soon!)

Leap Year, 1816, finds Lord Devlin, an older, experienced rake, and Lord Harry Bascomb, a young country noble, gambling at White’s. The bet takes a serious turn when the young man puts his family mansion into the pot. The stakes increase as Lord Devlin proposes the first person to get his name in the newspaper for dispurting a theatrical production wins. The loser must  marry by season’s end. Lord Jasper, a widowed grandfather who believes in marriage, decides both men need a lesson and so the comedy begins.
The heiress, Lady Cathrine Brandon wants one last moment of rebellion. Masked, she enters the stage to deliver a soliloquy, then exits after she is administered a spanking by Lord Devlin. The men race to find her but Lord Jasper and the Queen complicate matters. Twists and turns keep the fiasco alive and you begin to wonder if two sworn against marriage can find love.