Does Hiring The Heavens Really Work?

What would it take to get a new vehicle?

What would it take to get a new vehicle?

Think of that time you needed help and didn’t know who to call on. Maybe you couldn’t figure out the how or the why. We’ve all had something we wanted or needed that was just out of our grasp. It’s frustrating.

I decided to Hire the Heavens because I needed a place to live.

I heard about this ‘cute’ idea back in 2011. I didn’t purchase the book or look up the author. My mentor used the technique with clients. I remember her talking about the results. And, I wasn’t ready to give it a go.

Suddenly, I need divine inspiration.

Golden Angel

Golden Angel

Help from the other side.

Someone to figure out how I could get a house in a seller’s market.

I sat in my vehicle wanting to cry and screamed out, “What would it take for me to find a home I can live in in my price range.” I was tired and pissy and feeling a tab bit sorry for myself. I’d already looked at 18 (eighteen) unacceptable houses and condos and 1 (one) acceptable house that I lost during the bidding process.

I began to doubt I could find something livable in my price range.

What else can I do?

What else can I do?

My helpful friend kept telling me I would need to settle for something I was going to have to fix up. I’m great with people fixes but not so much with wall holes, leaking roofs, foundation issues and electrical problems.

Then there are those houses you walk into and don’t want to go past the door step. They have that creepy feeling. Foreclosures have that desperate feeling. For me, the feel of the house is important.

I needed a realtor who got that. Who would listen and who would actually be willing to show me the lower end properties when the listings popped up.

Just a heads up to those who haven’t house hunted: realtor pictures do not necessarily look like the property, won’t tell you about the neighborhood, and don’t show the 40’s bathroom with the ceiling-to-floor window facing the busiest toll road in Dallas.

Desperation can be an educational thing.

I was desperate and needed help from another realm so I hired the heavens without knowing how to do it. I didn’t know the process, or who to call on, or what to say. I took my pad of paper and started writing. I can’t find those pages to share with you but I ended up with two hand written pages of angels I was calling on for help.

When I was done, I called the realtor, Jere Becker, whose card was in my hand. He answered the phone. (First miracle.)

The next morning we looked at a few places. I explained why none would work for me. He listened to what I said. (Second miracle.)

Angels are helpful when you Hire The Heavens

Angels are helpful when you Hire The Heavens

When you say, “I want to retire in this house and don’t want the hassle of stairs,” I always wonder why the next three houses you get shown have stairs.

The second morning he took me to a condo I mentioned was a maybe. I told him I had concerns about the place. He showed me two more units in that same complex. Next he cautioned me about the high HOA fees and told me too many people were moving. There were literal cracks in the foundation.

The forth condo he showed me was odd. I could live with odd. It wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t great. I would have to upgrade appliances but the carpet was clean, the tile okay. It was in a back corner which would be a major hassle when hauling groceries and grandkids. It was a maybe. (Third miracle).

I drove home praising my angels for finding me something that might work.

The third morning I planned to take my son and daughter-in-law to see the maybe place when the realtor called and told me he found something that just came on the market. He asked me to meet him there in thirty minutes.

Home Office


We walked through and I knew this was my house, quirks and all. I placed the bid and we did the paperwork on Jere’s tablet while we were in the house. The next day, I was told there were three bids and would I like to change my offer. I adjusted the offer and I got the house. (Forth miracle).

The flipper who held the property changed light fixtures, painted, and did cosmetic things. When the inspector showed up, the townhouse needed major fixes. The heating/cooling unit was toast, the electrical panel wasn’t up to code, and the stopped up tub might indicate bigger plumbing issues.

We negotiated and shortly thereafter I moved in. During that move I lost my Hiring the Heavens Paperwork.

Christmas rolled around and a client gave me the book. Hiring The Heavens by Jean Slatter. I read about half the book when I realized my car warranty was out and I had a few weeks to figure out whether to get another warranty.

I went with a friend to the dealership. The new warranty was $1800. The lady told me I could finance this at $300 a month. I told her that was what a car payment would be and she looked at me funny. I turned to Mark and said, “What would it take for me to get a new car.”

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Hiring the Heavens Book

Hiring the Heavens Book

I left it at that and told the woman I would have to think about the warranty. Next, I called my son who asked what I had to decide to do about my car.

I replied, “What would it take for me to get a new car.”

He paused before answering. “I don’t know your financial situation. What do you think?”

I didn’t want to think about it. I wanted a new car and had no clue how to pay for it so I was flippant. When I got off the phone I remember how I got my house. I decided to Hire the Heavens once again.

Steps I took To Hire The Heavens

Here is my exact list:

Dealer – angel who can give me the best deal.

Negotiator – angel who will negotiate the best price.

Finder – someone to find me a toned car (I wanted it in a specific color) and one that I can afford.

Helpers – as many angels as necessary to make this an easy, pleasant process and a sound decision that is for my highest and best good.

Money Manager – angel who knows what I can and can’t let happen. Someone who will make sure I have enough money to make the monthly payments for the next four years. (Why not put them to work now and in the future?)

Mechanic – angel who helps me find a car that runs well, all things working, nudges me for oil changes, etc.

Protector of Tire – angel who makes sure the tires last.

Protector of The Car – Angels who alert people so they see me coming, angels to keep me safe and to keep my car safe, especially when I’m transporting others.

Want-A-Be – angel who is the negotiator between what I think I deserve and allowing me to be deserving.

Angel for what is – highest and best

Angel for what was – highest and best

Door Opener – opens me to new thoughts and ways and honors my commitment to gratitude.

Angel of Intuition – on this quest I am helped and can help others through the process of buying a new car.

Protector of The Windshield – I have never had a car with a windshield that did not crack the first month I purchased it. This cannot be like that. I need angels to keep the windshield intact.

Car Trading Angels – my car goes to someone else who will love it and get the best deal. That person gets a warranty and the car works for them for years. PS: if it is going to break down, have it do so before the person purchases it.

Vibration Attuner – tunes me to the vibration of the car. A vibration of safety and security and the energy of getting where I want to go.

Hire The Heavens Book and Worksheets

Hire The Heavens Book and Worksheets

The list is long. The list had everything I could think of at the time. I put this list in a purple folder and said, “What would it take for me to get a new car?” Then I went on with my day.

My son called me a week later and asked me what I was going to do about the warranty. I indicated I didn’t know. We went to a few dealers and looked at cars. I wanted another Mini Cooper but there wasn’t one in my color. Nothing we looked at worked and I had three more weeks until I had to buy the warranty. I told him we could look again.

He called me again the next week and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Of course I said, “I want a new car. I might have to settle for a warranty.”

“What do you want on the car?”

“Nothing special except it has to be my color and this time I want an automatic. Dallas traffic is so thick that it’s a pain to drive a standard when the highway is backed up.”

His comment, “You told me when to tell you when you were getting too woo-woo. Having a car in your color is too woo-woo.”

I think I said, “Bite me.”

What would it take to manifest a new car?

What would it take to manifest a new car?

He calls back a few days later and he’s found two cars, both Mini Coopers, in my color. He’s negotiated a contract on one of them for $3,500 off because it’s a 2015 with 300 miles. We decide to go look on a Saturday.

My son reminds me to bring my CarFax. Six months ago I was planning to move and had the car checked out. The guy told me my car was worth $12,500. I pull out the paperwork and it says $15,000. Really? Was I mis-remembering?

The man gave me that number verbally and I never looked in the envelop he presented. I call my daughter-in-law who was with me and she also remembers $12,500.

The test drive is great and the young man-child who is my sales person has some emotional issues we talk about and resolve. I’m thinking I was sent to this dealership because I can help him.

My son has already negotiated the deal so the salesman gets the paperwork from his sales manager. I don’t tell him I’m trading in my car. The paperwork, of course, isn’t the right number so my son circles what they agreed on and I hand the salesman my CarFax and say, “I want to trade in my car. This is what its worth. I need you to come close because I don’t want to have to drive all over town.” I also ask him to make a copy before he gives it to his sales manager.

My son tells me that’s not how to negotiate and I remind him, the car was only worth $12,500 six months ago. If I can get that price, I’ll be happy. Meanwhile he looks up the value on his phone. It’s only worth $12,000. The paperwork comes back and I’m getting $13,000. (Another miracle.) I’m happy.

I notice some strange $350 fee tacked on and ask what that’s about. The salesman has no clue so he takes it back to his manager. When he comes back, he tells me I have one bad tire.

“No problem. I have the tire warranty. Let me run over to the service department and get it fixed.”

Well, well, well. The service guy can’t find anything wrong with the tire. He asks me why I want to fix it and I tell him the Sales Department told me it was bad. He literally throws his hands in the air and says, “I’m not getting into the middle of it.”

Golden Angel

Golden Angel

I had an angel poking me on the shoulder so I said, “I need some form of justification from you.” He goes to talk to the Sales Manager and comes back trying to double talk but I’m informed.

I tell the kid that I want that amount taken off. He’s looking a bit terrified because I might have steam coming out my ears. The Sales Manager shows up and starts with some line of baloney and I say very nicely, “We can do this deal as soon as you adjust that figure. I hate it when someone tries to rip me off.”

He walks away and so does my son. The kid comes back fifteen minutes later and that “tire” amount has been adjusted.

I ask the salesman to shop for a lower interest rate while I go to lunch. When you have good credit, you don’t have to prove income. You also can get a lower rate than what they tell you.

I now am the proud owner of a new Mini Cooper. The payments are $309 which is what I originally toss out when I said around $300.

Once I received the car, I went back to my list and thanked everyone, keeping a few on duty (safety, windshield) until I no longer need this vehicle.

Does Hiring The Heavens work? I say yes.

I helped a friend of mine hire the heavens and he called from his vacation to say everything was going perfectly. He asked if he could come over and update his list when he got back into town.

I now have a Life Path Committee, Personal Shoppers (I love getting deals), Web Help (I found two people on fivver – one fixed my web page and the other set up my writing blog, both for $70.00), and a Health Team.

The book has a more structured way of hiring but the principle is the same. Ask and you shall receive. Hmmmm, What would it take for me to go to the next National Guild Hypnosis convention?